Singer Julio Iglesias boycotts Donald Trump venues over Mexican comments | News | DW | 08.10.2015
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Singer Julio Iglesias boycotts Donald Trump venues over Mexican comments

Spanish-born singer Julio Iglesias has joined the Latino community protest over comments by US Republican party presidential candidate Donald Trump. Iglesias called Trump "a clown."

Veteran singer Julio Iglesias has joined the celebrity-backed Latino reaction to presidential candidate Donald Trump's comments on Mexican immigrants. Trump suggested in June that Mexican immigrants to the United States were "rapists" well-versed in drugs and crime.

On a tour to promote his latest album in Mexico, the 72-year-old singer confirmed the sentiment he expressed in the article published on Wednesday in the Barcelona-based daily newspaper "La Vanguardia." "He thinks he can fix the world forgetting what immigrants have done for his country. He is a clown! And my apologies to clowns."

Iglesias has been based in Miami, Florida for many years. He said he would no longer perform in venues bearing Trump's name: "I've met Trump three or four times because I've played his places," Iglesias said in Mexico. "I think his brain and his heart are not connected right now. It's not correct, his position."

Trump's spokesperson issued his response: "Good, I don't like his voice or his performances anymore, anyhow!"

Iglesias in Mexico

Iglesias denied he was profiting from the situation to promote his current tour, or his album "Mexico."

"When I started this album two years ago, I was not thinking I would have something to do with Mr. Trump," Iglesias said. "I'm 72 years old and I'm maybe the biggest Latino artist in history. If you think that I need that now, that's wrong. At my age it's too late to embrace situations just to gain something."

The album which features 12 songs with Mexican themes has topped Billboard's Latin pop chart. The single "Fallaste Corazon" (You Failed, Dear) from the album is the first Spanish-language song he has released in 12 years. Iglesias is Latin music's top-selling artist with 300 million albums sold during his career.

Iglesias has joined Univision, Macy's and NBC in severing business ties with Trump. Latin stars including Colombian singer J Balvin and Puerto Rico actress Joselyn Sanchez withdrew from their participation in July's Miss USA beauty pageant which is owned by Trump through his Miss Universe business.

Spanish-American TV chef Jose Andres also pulled out of a business venture with Trump over what Andres called Trump's "insulting comments" about Mexican immigrants.

Trump's comments have apparently alienated Latin voters. In a poll carried out by the Washington Post last month Trump was viewed unfavorably by 82 percent of Hispanics and favorably by only 15 percent.

jm/ng (AP, EFE)

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