Siemens Involved in Nuclear Row | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 06.12.2003
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Siemens Involved in Nuclear Row

The planned sale to China of a German plutonium facility – built by Siemens -- has stirred controversy in the governing coalition, with members of both the SPD and Greens calling the decision hypocritical in view of Germany’s plan to phase out nuclear energy domestically. In addition, the government has said it will decide before Christmas whether to grant Siemens a subsidy to contribute to the building of a new nuclear facility in Finnland. Siemens has been contracted to build conventional parts for the plant, such as turbines and generators. The French company Framatome is delivering the nuclear technology. The possibility that Siemens could receive government money for the Finnland project has heightened critique of the government’s energy policy, with one SPD member saying the coalition will lose all credibility if it continues to discourage the use of atomic energy at home while encouraging its use abroad.

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