Should Pakistan Spill The Beans? | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 13.02.2004
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Should Pakistan Spill The Beans?

DW-WORLD asked readers if Pakistan should be obliged to give German authorities the names of Germans involved in revealing nuclear secrets.


The founder of Pakistan's nuclear program, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan.

I think Pakistan ought to be obliged to communicate information to Germany it has on Germans involved in revealing nuclear secrets. This is pretty serious stuff - helping countries like Iran, Libya and North Korea develop nuclear weapons. But how is it that the German government wasn't aware of these activities? Germany's stature in international relations is greatly diminished due to this business. Germany wants to provide leadership at the United Nations and in Europe. And a lot of us want an alternative to Washington, but it must be a real and worthy alternative. And the sight of Germany apparently clueless about its citizens and its companies in something as serious as this makes it hard to take seriously any talk from Berlin on the question of international security. A thorough investigation of this affair must be the highest priority. -- Glenn Easton, Canada

German companies have been selling prohibited nuclear materials/parts and technology to countries that wants them for years. Why this information wasn't reported in the German press is a big question. I bet German intelligence has also know about this for years. What is the German government doing about it? "Nothing". -- Marc R. Johnson Sr.

NO! Why should Pakistan tell Germany what they know about Germans involved in revealing nuclear secrets. Germany did not help in Pakistan's fight against terrorism and did even less in Iraq. Sure they helped in Afghanistan with humanitarian and rebuilding efforts, but they did not agree to support either conflict and need to understand they have a lot of moral questions to answer. -- Jan Pickens

My response to your question would be: What difference does it make? Anyone with some intelligence would know that Khan had to have explicit permission from Pakistan's military before any excursions of intelligence took place. To think otherwise is foolish. If we can't even get the full story on Pakistan's part, who cares about the German connection? -- Atilla A. Iftikhar

Pakistan should absolutely cooperate with Germany if they request the names of Germans involved in facilitating nuclear proliferation. Would Pakistan not expect the same courtesy from Germany? -- William Wilkinson, USA

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