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Should Motassadeq Get a Retrial?

Germany's Federal Court of Justice has thrown out the first ever conviction of a man suspected of involvement in the Sept. 11 attacks and ordered a retrial. DW-WORLD readers comment on the decision.


Mounir el Motassadeq will be back in court.

I still don't understand how someone who admitted membership in al Qaeda as well as attendance at training camps in Afghanistan was let free/remanded to retrial? Isn't membership in such terrorist organizations a crime? Didn't the prosecution charge them (Motassadeq and acquitted defendant Abdelghani Mzoudi) with that? -- Anli Shundi, USA

I do not feel that the federal court of justice was right in granting Motassadeq a new trail. As far as I am concerned they should lock him up and lose the key. Unbelieveable, what the hell is going on in Germany? -- James Stewart

The evidence leaves no doubt as to guilt; the theoretical legal questions are made by the courts for the autonomy of the courts. No public forum ever condoned the arrogance of the almighty judiciary to release known murderers; evidence and rules thereof are technical to lawyers but a smokescreen to the public which decides cases allowing crucial evidence to be ignored, shielding the judges from any obligation to do what is right but they would not conceive of right versus wrong, only narrow rulings to justify their biases. -- Mark R. Foster

It really opens a can of worms for defeat of terroist activity. I am totally against the decision. -- Joe D. Burnett

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