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Should Krenn Go?

Austrian Bishop Kurt Krenn has downplayed a sex scandal at a priest seminary. A majority of DW-WORLD readers thinks he should step down.


Krenn is no longer in charge of investigating the scandal

Certainly Krenn should be forced to resign. It is absurd that we here in the United States were dismissed repeatedly by the Vatican as complaining about a problem that was supposedly caused by US sexual morals. In fact, the Church has long been shielding and hiding sexual predators in every country of the world. It is time we demand that every bishop responsible for hiding -- and thus aiding -- these sexual predators to be removed from office. -- D. B. Doucette

That sort of behavior has no place in the Catholic church, and for a bishop to simply dismiss such abuse, not to mention the pornography, especially of children, as "youthful pranks" is almost just as scandalous. So yes, I think Bishop Krenn should resign. -- T im Williams

I am an active Catholic who was born in Vienna and live near Boston, USA. In the Boston archdiocese we have learned that in order that the good work of the Church can continue, it is necessary for priests and bishops to be strict with those among them who are a minority but who destroy the good name of all the others if they are not quickly removed. -- Eva Schenkel Arnott

Krenn should absolutely not be forced to resign. His descriptions of the activities as a "childish prank" and so on show a much more enlightened approach to same-sex activity than his conservative reputation suggests. He should be commended for his attitude to sexual matters. -- Thomas Ashton, Australia

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