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Shooting outside Texas dance studio leaves two dead, several injured

A shooting outside a dance studio in the US state of Texas has left two people dead and several injured. An unauthorized event was taking place at the center for children in underserved communities.

The shooting occurred outside a nonprofit community dance studio in Fort Worth early Saturday morning, local NBC affiliate DFW reported.

Police said the shooting occurred in a parking lot of Studio 74 after a fight broke out inside.

One person was pronounced dead in the parking lot and another died at the hospital, police said. Four other people were shot and taken to hospital.

The event was unauthorized and attended by about 60 people, the owner of the studio said. "I would consider it trespassing just for the fact that as the owner and operator of this facility I did not know, nor was there an exchange of any formal contract for people to be inside there," said Laura Reyna.

Police have made no arrests and are investigating the scene.

Studio 74's website said it provides dance programming for school-age children in underserved communities.

cw/jm (AP, dpa, NBCDFW)

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