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Shooting near San Diego airport halts flights

Flight arrivals at California's San Diego International Airport were halted because of a shooting incident nearby. Police say squads had surrounded a city apartment where a gunman had fired a high-power rifle.

US aviation officials said a shooting incident under the flight path of San Diego's airport had prompted a halt to incoming flights on Wednesday. But officers say a suspect is now in custody and no one was injured.

San Diego police spokesman Scott Wahl said officers had responded to a domestic violence call and had heard gunshots in the upscale neighborhood in the Little Italy district.

Neighbor Tom Neu, who lives next door, told reporters he had been working at home on his computer when he heard a loud explosion. He went to his balcony, saw a hole in the stucco wall that separates his apartment from the suspect's, and called police.

For about 40 minutes, he cowered in his bathroom, talking to friends and co-workers on his cellphone. "It's terrifying. Heart's pounding," he told the Associated Press. "You're thinking, 'I might get shot and killed in my own bathtub.'"

The alleged domestic violence victim was safe. Police had urged residents to stay indoors and keep away from windows as SWAT teams reponded in an hours-long standoff with the suspected gunman.

Local media at the scene said officers were later trying to use teargas to flush out the suspect who had been firing his weapon erratically. The man later surrendered after five hours of negotiations, police said.

jar/ipj/rc (Reuters, AP)