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Shame On You, Germany!

The controversial remarks by Germany’s justice minister Däubler-Gmelin likening Bush to Hitler have created a stir around the world. Here are some reactions from DW-WORLD readers.


Justice Minister Herta Däubler-Gmelin on the defense


"Shame on you, Germany! America will not soon forget the hatred expressed toward our country. In my opinion, America should break diplomatic relations with Germany, remove American troops from Germany, and boycott German goods and services."

Anthony and Debra Simmonds-Amari, USA:

"As longtime listeners and supporters of DW we were outraged about an official government statement attributing the tactics of Hitler to the President of the US. We are not always in accord with the actions of our president but find these remarks outrageous and perhaps a symptom of anti-Americanism that is being propagated by Germany. Our outrage is shared by many Americans especially those of German ancestry. While I am not in favor of a suggested boycott of all German goods, we wish to nevertheless register a protest with DW..."

J. Buerck:

"The statements comparing President Bush to Hitler are very disturbing!!!!!"

Robert Jamison, USA:

"... Däubler-Gmelin, Bush and Hitler: I can easily see the minister sitting in front of the dutiful Swabian unionists, all of them SPD voters of course. Left to themselves, the good woman speaks freely, straight from the heart. And then in a moment of inattentiveness, she lets slide what she really thinks: Bush=Hitler, a cliché among the inveterate anti-American German leftists. 20 years ago, we heard the same thing about Reagan.

Now if it had come from some clueless student, swathed in a Palestinian headscarf, one wouldn’t think twice about it. But from the woman from the Southwest and a minister! Oh yes, she didn’t compare Bush with Hitler, only Bush’s methods with those of Hitler. Long live the subtle difference!"