Several people killed after US Midwest hit by series of tornadoes | News | DW | 28.04.2014
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Several people killed after US Midwest hit by series of tornadoes

Several people have been killed in the Midwest of the United States after the region was hit by a series of tornadoes. This comes at the start of the Midwest storm season.

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Several killed by tornadoes in US

Hardest hit by Sunday's storms were the states of Arkansas and Oklahoma. A spokesman for the governor of Arkansas, Mike Beebe, said 11 people were killed and many others injured when a tornado blew threw a number of suburbs in the state capital, Little Rock, on Sunday. Major damage was also reported, with trees being blown over and the roofs of buildings torn off.

Emergency workers went door-to-door looking for victims, while police officers checked damaged and in some case overturned vehicles on Interstate 40, a major motorway leading in and out of Little Rock.

In the state of Oklahoma, the town of Quapaw, about 200 miles (322 kilometers) northeast of Oklahoma City, sustained major damage, but there was no immediate reports of casualties.

"There have been numerous homes and buildings damaged and some destroyed," Keli Cain of the Oklahoma Emergency Management Agency told the AFP news agency.

The full scale of the damage was not expected to be known until after daybreak.

Tornadoes were also reported in the states of Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri and Kansas.

pfd/kms (AFP, dpa, AP, Reuters)

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