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Seven dead in blaze at French foreign-worker housing complex

Seven people died in an apartment building fire in eastern France. The complex was being used to house foreign workers.

Burned building in Dijon

The blaze started in a garbage container

At least seven people died in eastern France on Sunday when a blaze broke out at a residence for foreign workers.

Officials said the fire started in a garbage container outside the nine-story building in the city of Dijon.

Eyewitness reports said residents were seen jumping out of windows in a desperate attempt to escape the fire.

Four people were believed seriously injured in the blaze, while another 130 sustained minor injuries.

"They are mostly people who had to be treated for smoke inhalation," Jean-Louis Marc of the CODIS dispatch center told journalists.

Investigators said there were looking into whether the fire was an act of arson or an accident.

Author: Darren Mara (Reuters, dpa)

Editor: Sean Sinico

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