Series: Master Builders – German Architects Worldwide | Arts.21 - The Culture Magazine | DW | 08.06.2008
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Series: Master Builders – German Architects Worldwide

To be a top architect you have to think big, design big and travel far: Suburban towns in China, Soccer Stadiums in South Africa, high-rises in Dubai.


German architects have long understood the dynamics of globalization and have a first-class reputation for technically superior and durable constructions. The next generation of German architects is underway and already has its sights set on far away places...

In our new series "Master Builders - German Architects Worldwide" we introduce 4 young architect teams enjoying their very first experiences in foreign climes. Together with the Institute for Relations with Foreign Cultures and The Federal Chamber of German Architects, ARTS.21 accompanies architects to their construction sites around the world and gets an insiders view of the new buildings.

Episode 1:

Burj Al-Taqa - Energy Tower Das erste Null-Primärenergie Hochhaus für den Mittleren Osten basiert auf den Klimatisierungstechniken der historischen Windtürme Arabiens. Entwurf: Gerber Architekten

Burj Al-Taqa - Energy Tower, Gerber Architects

Where do German Architects build? What's it like to compete for contracts internationally? And how do they balance the difficult situations posed by dream opportunities with the harsher realities of demanding clients?

Episode 2:

17.05.2008 dw-tv kultur 21 wall house

Wall House, FAR Architects

We visit the "Wall House" in a rural suburb of Santiago de Chile. The first project by the German architecture team FAR caused an absolute sensation in 2007. The residence, with its translucent membrane, looks like a Bedouin tent. Its success earned FAR new international commissions as well as the prestigious Architectural Review Award in 2007. ARTS.21 catches up with the talented duo in Chile.

Episode 3:

31.05.2008 DW-TV Kultur.21 Tetris-Haus

Tetris Haus, Plasma Studio

Eva Castro, Holger Kehne and Ulla Hell: The cutting-edge constructions devised in their London-based Plasma Studio involve a trademark style combining sharp angles and edges - whether made of wood or metal. Among their awards is one for the futuristic design of an entire storey of the Hotel Puerta America in Madrid.

Episode 4:

07.06.2008 DW-TV Kultur.21 HausShaw Taichung

Haus Shaw, 2BXL

The first commission for the young team of architects Behet, Bondzio and Lin is in Germany: a remodeling of the University of Leipzig. In Taiwan, the team is pulling out all the stops, building a company headquarters, a restaurant, and an exposed-concrete villa in the second-largest city on the Asian island. ARTS.21 reports on a young, internationally successful trio of architects.

Episode 5:

08.12.2007 Kultur.21 Graft 2 NEU

Pink Houses, GRAFT

After Thomas Willemeit, Lars Krückeberg and Wolfram Putz graduated from Braunschweig University at the end of the 1990s, they founded the GRAFT architectural practice in Los Angeles. A commission from Hollywood star Brad Pitt led to a fairytale career for the young architects. Now they work all over the world, and have offices in the USA, China and Germany. ARTS 21 some of Germany's most exciting architects.

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