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Send Spammers to the Can

People are fed up with having their e-mail accounts jammed with spam. A German government plan to punish those who send out unsolicited mail got high ratings among DW-WORLD readers.


Is a fine and jail time just punishment for spammers.

People who send junk e-mail should definitely be punished. Jail time plus a fine would be nice. One day in jail, and one euro for each junk e-mail sent. -- Albert Fults

I think that the people who send junk e-mail, especially with viruses attached should punished to the fullest extent of the law. Fine and jail time is an absolute must. We also can not expect the government to take full responsibility for the security of our computers. We must do our part. The key is never open junk/bulk mail. Just delete since it has all the viruses. Plus, never open an attachment from an friend unless you scan it prior to downloading.-- Dr. Montage James

I recently had to leave an e-mail service as it was constantly being flooded. I just left it and changed my address; 1 week later it contained over 2,000 e-mails! I had no chance to prevent the spam! All unsolicited mail should be treated as an offense! -- Peter Amoss

Spammers should be punished, but first of all administrators must know how to fight against spam. There is such richness of software that can stop spam. -- Jan Grabialo, Poland

They should be punished. Junk email is bogging down transactions and slowing down the web as a whole. If you haven't subscribed to it, then you should not receive it. The exceptions should be the free voice of the people, parliamentarians, government, and other such endeavors that assist our communities; not commercial vomit which has no purpose. If I wanted Viagra or Porn, I know where to go, I do not need to be solicited for it. -- Neil Thompson

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