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Tomorrow Today

Science Call

The project allows for the public to communicate with scientists. In the week from Nov 4 until Nov 10, 2002 three telephone hotlines and a special website are being set up for requests.


Science Call

As part of the international effort to increase dialogue between members of the public and scientists, telephone helplines as well as a special website are being set up during European Science and Technology Week in France, Germany and the UK.

From 4th to 10th November 2002 the public will be able to phone the Science Call helpline based in their country or visit the website to explore the issues in more detail by talking to scientists who are experts in that topic.
The helplines are being set up by VDI/VDE-IT in Germany, Science Contact in France and Science Line in UK.


Web Address:


Telephone Numbers:

Science Hotline (Germany): 0800 56 00 969
Science Line (UK): 0808 800 4000
Science Contact (France): 0033 (0) 810 00 8000

More information at:

European Science Week:

Science Call:

Wissenschafts-Hotline (Germany):

Wissenschaft im Dialog (Germany):

Science Line (UK):

Science Contact (France):