Schwaebische Spaetzle (Schwabian Fried Noodles) | News and current affairs from Germany and around the world | DW | 05.10.2008
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Schwaebische Spaetzle (Schwabian Fried Noodles)

Schwabian Fried Noodles

"Spaetzle" comes from Swabia which is a region mostly located in Baden-Wuerttemberg


500g (5 cups) flour

5 eggs

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon nutmeg

1/4 liter (1 cup) lukewarm water

3 tablespoons butter for frying


First pour the 500 grams of flour into a saucepan. Form a hole in the middle of the flour mounds and add in the eggs, salt and nutmeg.

Mix the ingredients with a wooden spoon until it forms a thick mixture and begins to create bubbles of air. Let it stand for ten minutes and then mix it again.

Then dampen a wooden chopping board so that the mixture does not stick. Put a thin layer of the mixture on the chopping board. Then with a kitchen knife cut thin strips, like noodles. Begin with the part of the board nearest your body and tip the noodles into a pot of warm water and heat them until the water boils. It is recommended to use a large pot.

When they are cooked, the noodles rise to water level in the pot. You can then remove them with a ladle. Rinse them with cold water and then put them into a preheated frying pan with butter and fry them.

Guten Appetit!