Schröder Supports Leipzig′s Olympic Bid | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 09.01.2004
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Schröder Supports Leipzig's Olympic Bid

Chancellor Gerhard Schröder has thrown his weight behind the eastern German city of Leipzig's bid to host the summer Olympics in 2012. On a visit to the city, Schröder said the federal government would do everything it could to support Leipzig's campaign. The city proposes to keep the games in the city center, bringing back a "human dimension" to an event which often sparks grand-scale development projects in host cities. Leipzig officials say they wouldn't build large hotels and residences that would then stand empty once the Olympics were over. Rather, the emphasis would be on temporary structures, as well as renovating buildings that are currently standing empty. Leipzig is competing for the 2012 games against such cities as London, New York, Paris, Moscow and Madrid.