Schröder Backs ″One China″ Policy | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 04.12.2003
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Schröder Backs "One China" Policy

On his recent trip to China, German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder backed Beijing's "One China" policy. DW-WORLD asked readers whether Germany should stick to this position.


Two flags, one China?

Schröder is wrong to support the "One China" policy and to compare it to Germany. Germany was forcibly ripped apart. The Chinese split by choice. The German people wanted unification. The people of Taiwan don't, so nobody should have the right to force it on them. If they want independence then we should accept and respect their wishes and recognize them as independent. If Germany can not support an "One Democratic China" policy, it should stop supporting the Chinese communist's “One China” policy over Taiwan.

-- Robert Chen, USA

The National Party in Taiwan still wanting independence is like the U.S. Southern Confederacy still demanding independence!

-- Richard A. Giantomas, USA

Since "Germany firmly supports China’s opposition to Taiwan's independence," can China count on German military assistance for the Chinese invasion of Taiwan, following the referendum on independence? It would seem only natural given the Taiwanese affront to World Order.

-- Mike Huggins, USA

Yes, there is one China -- a Red China, which abuses human rights. A peace-loving and democratic Taiwan has had nothing related with it at all for the past 56 years and this will remain the same in the future.

-- Mark Chang, Taiwanese citizen residing in the U.S.

There is no doubt Mr. Schröder made the right choice, which is supporting the "One China” policy. Taiwan is a part of China. Germany is a very popular nation for most of Chinese students. We like that Germans never give up and always managed to stand up. For this reason, they might have special eyes to make the right decision.
-- Zhang Gungyi, Britain

It's a good time in history for Beijing to unite its country. Everyone should support them. Everyone won't.
-- Robert Maxwell

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