Schily To Ban Demonstrations by Right-wing Extremists | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 21.06.2004
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Schily To Ban Demonstrations by Right-wing Extremists

German Interior Minister Otto Schily is reported to be planning a law that would make it easier to ban demonstrations by extremists. German news website Spiegel Online reported Monday that Schily wanted to prevent right-wing extremists from marching in front of Holocaust memorials as well as hinder demonstrations of solidarity for terrorists. In addition, the interior minister wants to outlaw right-wing protest marches at places that commemorate the persecution of the Jews. Quoting from Schily's draft legislation, the website said that in future a gathering could be banned or limited if it "was organized at a place that clearly commemorated the victims of organized inhuman treatment and if the place was viewed as a national symbol for the persecution." The document further said that a further condition for a ban was "if the gathering is meant to endorse, deny or play down the inhuman treatment of the victims."