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Schalke ruled official winner of interrupted match against St. Pauli

Bundesliga officials have ruled that Schalke was the winner of their interrupted match against St. Pauli. Officials have yet to decide whether St. Pauli should be penalized for the disruption caused by one of their fans.

Ref talking to player during schalke st. pauli game

Referees stopped the game after cup full of beer was thrown

The German Football Association (DFB) on Tuesday gave Bundesliga team Schalke the win for its interrupted Friday match against St. Pauli, with a final score of 2-0.

"We expected this decision," said Schalke's sports director Horst Heldt. "We are happy that we have now officially won."

Referees had stopped the game in its 88th minute when a St. Pauli fan threw a plastic cup full of beer, hitting linesman Thorsten Schiffner in the neck and causing him to collapse on the field.

St. Pauli faces sanctions

Officials have yet to decide whether St. Pauli should be penalized for the incident. According to the DFB, teams are responsible for the conduct of their fans. St. Pauli may have to pay a fine, could be banned from their stadium for a game or may even have their position frozen in the worst-case scenario.

"According to the tribunal, the home club is responsible for its fans and must answer for the calling off of the game," the German Football Association said in its statement.

The association will rule on possible sanctions later in the week.

Schalke move into 10th place as a result of their win, while St. Pauli will drop to 17th.

On Tuesday evening, Schalke will face Inter Milan in the Champions League quarterfinal first leg.

Author: Spencer Kimball (dpa, SID, Reuters)
Editor: Martin Kuebler

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