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Global Ideas

Saving the Taiga Woods

Siberian forests are crucial carbon stores for the global climate. But deforestation is a problem.

Project goal: Protecting the boreal forests and developing new concepts to store carbon
Climate protection: Preventing 1.75 millions tons of greenhouse gas emissions over ten years
Project scale: more than 1.6 million hectares of boreal forest
Investment: Around 3 million euros

The boreal forests in the Russian Republic of Komi serve as an important carbon storage sink and are home to several crucial species. But the area is threatened in particular by deforestation and forest fires. Since 1995, the region has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Around 15 percent of the forest area is now under protection. The aim is to boost the existing protection system with the help of international aid money and expertise. That includes sensitizing and informing the local population about the significance of their forests in fighting climate change.

A film by Mareike Aden

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