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Sauteed sole with a shellfish 'bolognaise', lemon gnocchi and tarragon sauce - served with spinach-celery rolls, pureéd fennel and rock samphire

Fine dining in Finland - Chef Hans Välimäki at Chez Dominique has two Michelin stars to his name and cooked up this delicious meal for euromaxx.


Serves four.

To prepare the sole

600g Fillets of sole

Clarified butter, salt, white pepper

1. Season the fish fillets with salt and pepper.

2. Fry in a hot pan with the butter until both sides are golden.

3. Finish cooking in an oven preheated to 70 degrees celcius.

26.02.2009 DW-TV euromaxx a la carte gericht

To prepare the shellfish 'bolognaise'

50g Lobster meat

50g Cooked squid

50g Diced scallops

50g Diced celery

50g Roughly chopped fennel

20g Roughly chopped tomatoes

50g Tomato passata

Parsley, chives, candied lemon, salt, white pepper

1. Put the shellfish and vegetables into a pan with the tomato passata, and simmer lightly.

2. Season with the herbs, lemon, salt and pepper to taste.

3. Spoon the bolognese onto the sauteed sole and garnish with caviar.

To prepare the lemon gnocchi

160g Boiled potatoes

20g Potato starch

20g Flour

1 Egg yolk

Grated lemon rind, chopped chives, salt

1. Mix the potatoes, potato starch and flour to form a dough.

2. Roll the dough into finger-sized pieces and cut into pieces 2cm big.

3. Cook in boiling water.

4. Drain and toss in butter, before sauteeing in a hot pan.

To prepare the tarragon sauce

200g Veal stock

200g Lobster stock

50g Dry white wine (such as chardonnay)

100g Diced carrots, celery and shallots

50g Tarragon leaves

Vinegar, salt, sugar

1. Sautee the carrots, celery and shallots, then add the white wine and stir until it's almost boiled away.

2. Add both the veal and lobster stocks, and reduce to a third.

3. Press the sauce through a sieve and add the tarragon leaves.

4. Simmer on a low heat for 12 minutes.

5. Pass the sauce through a sieve again, and season to taste.

To prepare the spinach-celery rolls

100g Celery stalks

100g Spinach

20g Butter

20g Grated parmesan

20g Dried black olives, chopped

Salt, white pepper

1. Cut the celery lengthways into thin strips.

2. Blanch for ten seconds, and then immerse in ice-cold water.

3. Sautee the spinach in butter before adding the parmesan and olives.

4. Season with salt and pepper.

5. Fill the celery strips with the spinach mixture.

6. Form into rolls, and cut into pieces 1cm thick.

7. Remove the cling and heat up in a warm oven.

To prepare the pureed fennel

150g Chopped fennel

50g Chopped shallots

50g White wine

20g Tarragon leaves

50g Olive oil

Salt, sugar, pastis

1. Sautee the fennel and the shallots in the olive oil.

2. Add the white wine and simmer until it has almost boiled away.

3. Puree the mixture in a blender, and add the remaining olive oil and tarragon.

4. Add the salt, sugar and pastis to taste.

To prepare the rock samphire

50g Rock samphire

20g Rice flour

20g Flour

1 Pinch of baking powder

40g Carbonated mineral water

1 Egg white

1. Mix the flour, baking powder and water.

2. Beat the egg white lightly and add to the mixture.

3. Dip the pieces of rock samphire into the batter and fry in peanut oil at 180 degrees celcius.

4. Dry off the excess oil with paper towels.


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