Satire as a weapon | All media content | DW | 18.07.2017
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Global Media Forum

Satire as a weapon

hosted by Deutsche Welle

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Humor has endured many regimes to date – from Europe to Africa. Whether in Africa  or Latin America – time and again, governments and political players attempt redirect or even prohibit the biting criticism of satire. Suddenly, caricaturists are no longer commissioned, TV sketches have to be produced secretly and distributed via providers abroad. Social networks however make it nearly impossible for the elite to fully suppress humorous social criticism. The world’s young, well-connected community finds a form of commonality in the treatment mocking their governments – to the extent that in Africa some even speak of a "Social Panafricanism": Humor is - when you laugh despite.



Kate Müser - Host, Deutsche Welle, Germany


Abdulkareem Baba Aminu - Journalist and Cartoonist, Daily Trust, Nigeria 

Farai Monro - Satirist, Magamba TV, Zimbabwe 

Danilo Maldonado - Artist and Human Rights Activist, Cuba

Isam Uraiqat - Co-Founder, Al Hudood, Jordan 

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