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Santa, You've Got Mail

Today, the Christmas Post Office opened in a small town in north Germany. More than 300,000 children's Christmas wishes are expected to arrive here.


Christmas wishes? Write to Santa, 16758 Himmelpfort, Germany

Christmas is coming…..and Father Christmas is busy with numerous festive preparations. To begin with, this elderly gentleman will have a flood of post to answer.

Today, Santa's very own post office in the German town Himmelpfort opened to the public – and to a flood of letters full of Christmas wishes.

The German post expects around 300,000 letters will be delivered to Father Christmas in the next weeks from German children all over the country and abroad.

The German Christmas Post Office, which belongs to the "Deutsche Post", the German post service, is situated in Himmelpfort, a small town in the northern state of Brandenburg.

Last year, Father Christmas' angelic helpers had more than enough to do, what with around 180,000 letters to answer. Santa received letters from Russia, Poland and Skandinavia.

The post-office is a well-known address overseas too. Children from as far away as Australia and Canada sent their regards - and of course their Christmas wishes - to Himmelpfort to be fulfilled. lb

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