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DW News

Sabrina El Ahl

Sabrina El Ahl joined DW in 2009, when she began hosting the English language Journal. She has also appeared on Global 3000, DW's weekly globalization program and on In Good Shape, the weekly health show.

Sabrina El Ahl is an anchor and journalist with a multicultural background. Naturally, she feels at ease with the international team that makes the atmosphere at our DW offices in central Berlin so unique.

“I feel very privileged being able to reach out to viewers worldwide and tell the stories that in a globalized world really do affect us all,” Sabrina says.

Born to a German mother and an Egyptian father, Sabrina grew up in a unified Germany and went to university in England, where she graduated with honors in Cultural and Media Studies. She lives in Hamburg and Berlin and keeps close ties to her second home, Egypt.

Besides current affairs, Sabrina has a passion for Bundesliga football and for Middle Eastern music, dance and cuisine.