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Russian "Hunger" Show Stirs Controversy

A popular Russian reality TV show set in a Berlin suburb is making headlines in the Germany. According to a leading German tabloid, Channel TNT has allegedly invited twelve young Russians to spend one hundred days in a container equipped with all creature comforts -- except food. The "Big Brother"-inspired show "Golod" (Russian for 'hunger') revolves around the idea that the candidates have to pound the city's pavements every day and raise enough money to buy something to eat. A small price to pay, given that the winner pockets a life-long fee of €1,000 a month. None of the candidates speak German and apparently, none of them even know they're in Berlin. When the local media expressed concern that the container's inhabitants were being forced into thieving and possible prostitution, even local police were concerned enough to investigate the matter. Their report concluded the Russians were in the container of their own free will -- and had plenty to eat. Berlin police accept TNT's claim that the format is simply intended to stimulate "cross-cultural communication".