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Rodin's sculptures in a new light

The Rodin Museum has re-opened in Paris after three years of renovations. On November 12, exactly 175 years after the sculptor was born, all rooms will be once again open to the public.

At a cost of around 16 million euros ($17.2 million), the 18th century city palace Hôtel Biron has undergone a massive interior overhaul. Safety requirements have been brought up to modern standards and a new elevator has been installed to transport the 6,500 sculptures housed in the museum. A new high-tech lighting system has also been fitted - a feature which Catherine Chevillot, the museum's director, thinks Rodin would have particularly cherished. "Each sculpture has its own lighting, which is controlled by a computer and changes according to the time of day," she explains. The rooms have also been freshly painted to accentuate the beauty of Rodin's sculptures.

Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) was a renowned French sculptor and is considered the founder of Impressionism in sculpture. His most famous works include "The Thinker" (1903) and "The Kiss" (ca. 1882). Rodin discovered Hôtel Biron in 1908 and used the space to work, exhibit and meet with collectors.

sj/at (dpa, afp)