Retromania - Longing for the Past | DocFilm | DW | 22.12.2015
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Retromania - Longing for the Past

Movie remakes, 1960’s hits in today’s charts and vintage clothing- fashion and accessories from the past are in huge demand. But why is that?

21.12.2015 DW Feature Retromania1

Alice Francis’ sound crosses the boundaries of retro and mixes the past and the present.

Vinyl records, full skirts and swing music show that people are keen to relive the past. Retro is everywhere, in the cinema, on TV, on the radio and on the catwalk. Everywhere we go we see references to the past. Retro is becoming a way of life for a growing number of young people.

21.12.2015 DW Feature Retromani3

Dita von Teese’s look that resembles a 1950’s photo and her passion for vintage have made her an international retro icon.

Dandy Wellington, who hails from New York and Lady Flo from Antwerp are huge fans of the roaring twenties. But not just that: they regard the manners of that bygone era as being exemplary when it comes to politeness, etiquette and elegance. In this documentary people like Dita von Teese from Los Angeles, Gustav Temple from London and Alice Francis from Cologne come together for the first time. They talk about their love of everything retro and seek answers to such questions as what is retro culture, how do we recognize it, what values does it transmit and what does it say about our modern day society.

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