redaktion-D Language Course: Learning German with Multimedia | Press Releases | DW | 23.05.2002
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Press Releases

redaktion-D Language Course: Learning German with Multimedia

The Goethe-Institute Inter Nationes, Deutsche Welle, Wolters Kluwer Publishers and the German Foreign Office are launching a joint initiative for the promotion of the German language, with sponsorship from Porsche AG.

The newly developed multimedia language course redaktion-D will be presented to the public at the Porsche Centre in Berlin on May 28, 2002. On the same day, Germany's international television station DW-TV will be broadcasting the first TV installment of the course. redaktion-D is a joint venture, with financial support from the German Foreign Office, the Goethe-Institute Inter Nationes, Deutsche Welle (DW) and Wolter Kluwer Publishers. The initiative is supported by Porsche AG as a sponsoring partner.

The multimedia package will make learning German more attractive. redaktion-D is a learning programme with a high entertainment value, directed primarily - but not only - at beginners. It caters for an open-minded generation of learners wanting to tailor the learning process to suit their own needs.

redaktion-D will be available as an online, television and radio course. Each component can be used either separately or in conjunction with others, offering the learner numerous different combinations to suit his or her interests, learning objectives and technical facilities. The online course will be available on the net from June 2002. It will be run by tutors, enabling learners to obtain internationally acknowledged certificates. It is also possible to consolidate the material through classroom courses at branches of the Goethe Institute.

As well as linguistic skills, redaktion-D conveys an up-to-date picture of everyday life in Germany. The multimedia package revolves around a film, with the Internet editors Paul and Laura, who experience a number of mysterious adventures that take them all over Germany.

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23 May 2002

Christoph Jumpelt

Christoph Jumpelt

Head of Corporate Communications and Spokesperson

T. +49.228.429-2041