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Fish and Seafood

Red mullet with snow peas and mashed potatoes seasoned with cumin

This recipe is created by Joachim Körper from the "eleven" restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal.


Lisbon's currently most talked about restaurant opened in November 2004. Its aim is to win Lisbon's first Michelin star. That's why they aksed Joachim Körper from Germany to be their head chef. In 2003 he was named Spain's top chef of the year and awarded two Michelin stars for his restaurant "Girasol" in Alicante. Now he has come to Lisbon, Portugal. We visited "eleven" where the star chef prepared red mullet with snow peas and mashed potatoes seasoned with cumin.


Cumin Potatoes

Sprinkle the potatoes with salt and oven bake. When ready, peel and mash with milk and butter. Season with lemon juice and cumin powder.

Snow Peas

Chop and cook on a low heat with butter and some sugar in chicken broth.

Red Mullet

Remove the bones, cut the fillets in half and fry in olive oil. Then place them on kitchen paper to drain.

To serve: sprinkle with lemon oil, and garnish with tomatoes, a slice of lemon and fresh dill.

Bon Appetit!

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