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Recommended - Toni Rios, DJ at Frankfurt’s Cocoon Club shows us how to relax in his favorite city

Federal State Hesse


You can hear all sorts of music in Frankfurt. There are performances of works by such modernist classical composers as Béla Bartók and Arnold Schönberg, and the city has a lively jazz and very active electronic pop music scene. That's why we asked DJ Toni Rios to show us his favorite places in Frankfurt.

Toni Rios's first recommendation is a visit to Lohrberg Hill, which provides a wonderful view on the city's skyline. His second recommendation is the Museum of Modern Art, where Toni Rios gets inspiration for his electronic music by looking at the artworks. His third recommendation is on the roof of the Stock Exchange car park: the Long Island Summer Lounge. It's an oasis right in the middle of the banking district. Lounge chairs and parasols on an artificial beach, and waiters who complete the holiday feeling by serving you delicious drinks and delightful dishes made with organically grown ingredients.

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