Recommended - Three Tips for a Trip to Stralsund | Recommended | DW | 23.07.2008
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Recommended - Three Tips for a Trip to Stralsund

Federal State Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Janine Wolle on the Strelasund

Janine Wolle on the Strelasund

28-year-old world heritage manager Janine Wolle works in the Wulflamhaus, one of the oldest surviving patrician houses in northern Germany. Here are her recommendations for Stralsund:

Portside Pub Zur Fähre

Portside Pub "Zur Fähre"

Recommendation No. 1: A boat trip on the Strelasund, the sound between the mainland and the island of Rügen, with a view of Stralsund's distinctive skyline.

Recommendation No. 2: A stroll along the old town wall and ponds, where natural beauty and architecture combine to offer a relaxing experience.

Recommendation No. 3: sampling the local specialties at the portside pub "Zur Fähre", said to have been in existence for more than 680 years.

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