Recommended – three tips for a trip to Kiel | Recommended | DW | 30.03.2009
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Recommended – three tips for a trip to Kiel

Native Kieler Sönke Liethmann began teaching himself drumming in the early 1980s. Today he plays percussion with several bands including Cuban-Jazz-Band "Ritmo Loco" and Spanish-flavor "Proyeto Blu“.

Sönke Liethmann in the Kiel Maritime Museum

Sönke Liethmann in the Kiel Maritime Museum

His first tip is jogging along the Hindenburgufer embankment.

What Sönke Liethmann enjoys most there is the air and the sight of the gigantic ferries headed for Norway, Sweden and Denmark. "From the Hindenburgufer you can see to the horizon," he says. Whether for jogging, a stroll or a picnic, the Hindenburgufer is an experience for any Kiel visitor, the musician says. Where else can you watch seals at play while you're jogging?

Liethmann is also a passionate wind-surfer and has an insider tip: the workshop of Michael Mach, who builds and repairs probably the best surfboards in Kiel. Of course, Sönke has a real "Mach" too.

The Kiel Maritime Museum is his second recommendation.

The museum, a jewel of the city, is in an old fish market. It provides insights into the city's shipping history. You can even get married in a 1905-vintage steamship.

Sönke Liethmann's third tip is the Schiffercafé.

The old rooms of the former maritime equipment merchant Tiessen now house an extraordinary café with a cult following. It's located right on the Kiel ship locks with the historic vessels in front. The Schiffercafe offers great views, tango music and a relaxed atmosphere.

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