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Recommended - Three tips for a trip to Hamburg

Hamburg's St Pauli district with the Reeperbahn is Germany's best known entertainment quarter. Just right for anyone wanting to party the night away.

20.06.2009 DW-TV Hin und Weg Empfehlung Hamburg 2

The Reeperbahn has gone down in musical history thanks to legendary German actor Hans Albers and American singer Tom Waits. And Discover Germany has found an expert to give us some insider tips on the Hanseatic city: Carolin Spieß, actress and singer at the Schmidt Tivoli musical theater and a native of Hamburg.

Green Hamburg

Jenisch park

Jenisch park

Her first recommendation is Jenisch park, the city's oldest landscaped park. Its 42 hectares include Flottbek nature reserve. Jenisch House is now a museum featuring the way of life of wealthy Hamburg merchants. The park offers magnificent views of the river Elbe and the Engel restaurant resembles a houseboat moored on the banks of Jenisch park.

Art in Hamburg

Carolin Spieß's second recommendation is the Bucerius Kunst Forum, next to the Town Hall, donated by renowned Hamburg publisher Gerd Bucerius. The forum emphasises connections in cultural history. 'Modern Life', an exhibition of works by American artist Edward Hopper, is open until the end of August 2009.

Gateway to the World

Carolin Spieß at Willkomm Höft

Carolin Spieß at Willkomm Höft

Carolin's third recommendation for Hamburg is 'Willkomm Höft', a ship-welcoming station on the Lower Elbe in Wedel, some 30 minutes drive from the center. Every large ship is welcomed with its national anthem and a greeting in the appropriate language. Ten nautical miles outside Hamburg, it's clear why the port is called the gateway to the world.

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