Recommended - The “Hero of Quedlinburg” and His Three Recommendations | Recommended | DW | 14.11.2008
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Recommended - The “Hero of Quedlinburg” and His Three Recommendations

Federal State Saxony-Anhalt


Since German reunification, Quedlinburg’s houses have been restored to their former glory. Today the town is a gem of the Middle Ages. One man has played a major role. He is Horst Schöne, also know as the "Hero of Quedlinburg". For years he's been collecting mediveal building materials and old items like door-handles and roof tiles. These materials proved essential for the restoration of many of the town's old structures. All that makes him just the right person to ask about what visitors should see in Quedlinburg. His three recommendations include the Städte Unions House from 1548, which Horst Schöne helped restore and is now one of the finest buildings in town. His second recommendation is the Crypt in the Marienkirche where visitors can see the graves of people who died hundreds of years ago fighting to protect the church. And his third tip is the organic delicatessen "Harzer Naturküche" stocked full of home-made regional specialities.

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