Recommended - the favourite places of Heinz Hecke, a lifeguard from the town of St. Peter-Ording | Recommended | DW | 06.08.2008
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Recommended - the favourite places of Heinz Hecke, a lifeguard from the town of St. Peter-Ording

Federal State Schleswig-Holstein


While the holiday-makers are still in their beds, Heinz Hecke is already at work. His job? Lifeguard at one of germany's most beautiful beaches, St. Peter-Ording. He say, "I love St. Peter-Ording. We have the biggest beach here - 2 kilometres wide and 14 kilometres long. I love the sun, the wind and the sea. I work where other people holiday."

His first tip is Westküstenpark at St. Peter Ording. It's a type of leisure center with a difference. You can come face to face with 400 different types of animals here. Or even spend a day with a zoo keeper. As a man of the sea, Heinz Hecke ofcourse wants to take us to the seal enclosure. One square kilometre of water is home to 8 seals. The morning feeding is always popular with visitors and we get to observe it first-hand. Both Heinz and the tourists are impressed. Hecke says you need to book a day with a zookeeper at Westküstenpark if you want to get a seal kiss, because that's the only way to get close to these shy and dangerous animals.

The fresh north-sea air certainly gives you an appetite, so our second stop is "The Seekiste" Restaurant at Böhl Beach. It's a favourite with locals and tourists alike, because of it's fresh fish and shrimp dishes. Heinz Hecke particularly recommends its fresh north sea shrimps - perhaps with scrambled egg and fried potatoes. And he can sit out of the wind on the terrace and enjoy the view. Hecke comes here as often as he can - if the tide is in, even by boat.

Hecke's third tip is the Böhler lighthouse at the southern end of St. Peter Ording. The tower was built in 1892 and is still active, meaning it can't be climbed. But from the bench at the bottom of the tower there's a great view of the surrounding area.

Visiting St Peter Olding is a unique experience. You can spend a day with seals, nibble fresh north sea shrimp for lunch or just hang out at the Böhler lighthouse.

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