Recommended – Singer Judith Nieder Shows Us Around | Recommended | DW | 14.11.2008
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Recommended – Singer Judith Nieder Shows Us Around

Federal State Rhineland-Palatinate


Singer-songwriter Judith Nieder shows us three of her special places in the Eifel mountain range. She first shows us the eleven metre high Dronke Tower near the city of Daun. It was built in the early 1900s to honour Alfred Dronke, founder of the Eifel Wanderers, now one of the biggest walking clubs in Germany. Her second recommendation is the Heidsmühle in the town of Manderscheid, a restaurant housed in a 160-year-old mill. Judith's third stop is the Wallende Born geyser, which spouts, like clockwork, every 45 minutes. Wallende Born is one of just two geysers in Germany, but the regularity of its eruptions makes it unique in all of Europe. The water can spout up to four metres into the air.

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