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Recommended – Roland Welke, dramaturge at Berlin’s famous Friedrichstadtpalast, shows us his favorite spots in town

Federal State Berlin


Born in Potsdam, Roland Welke studied cultural and theater studies in Berlin. While a student, he worked at the Friedrichstadtpalast as an intern, then as an assistant on productions there. He gained further experience at Berlin's Theater des Westens. Sine 1999, Roland Welke has been part of the team at the Friedrichstadtpalast.

When he wants to give himself a real treat, Roland Welke has breakfast at the Hotel Savoy. He meets his friends here, because he appreciates the relaxed and quiet atmosphere - just one of the reasons why he feels welcome in the nearly 80-year-old hotel. This, his first recommendation, is also where famous names such as former German chancellor Ludwig Ehrhardt and Maria Callas felt at home.

Welke's second recommendation is the unique panorama from the Weidendammer Bridge, leading from Fredrichstrasse in the heart of the city, with its view of the government district and the Berliner Ensemble theater. This was where Erich Kästner was moved to admire and praise Berlin's inimitability.

For art-lovers, Roland Welke recommends the galleries on Auguststrasse in Berlin's Mitte district. Here in what's called the Scheunenviertel, where there used to be little shops for groceries and other daily necessities, you can now find art of all kinds.

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