Recommended - Carola Pieper, Artist | Recommended | DW | 07.09.2008
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Recommended - Carola Pieper, Artist

Ferdaral State Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania


Painter Carola Pieper presents three very personal tips for a visit to the Fischland-Darss peninsula. The artist has lived in Ahrenshoop for 15 years. She finds motifs for her pictures right outside her door. As her first recommendation, Carola Pieper shows us her favorite spot on the coastal cliffs near Ahrenshoop. She also likes to take the students in her painting courses here. Her second recommendation is the Darss Museum in Prerow, which preserves and exhibits the sea trading tradition. Visitors can lend a hand and learn from experts how to restore an old Zees boat. Carola Pieper’s tip for wining and dining, her third recommendation, is the restaurant Peterssons Hof. Swedish ship captain Carl von Petersson, of an old Darss captain dynasty that sailed the seven seas, had the building constructed in 1888. Today the restaurant specializes in fish from the local Bodden waters.

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