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Recommendations for what to see and do in Bremen from Ilse Münchhausen-Prüße, who owns a traditional coffee roasting company, Münchhausen Roastery

Federal State Bremen


One out of every two cups of coffee drunk in Germany comes from Bremen. Ilse Münchhausen-Prüße was born and grew up in Bremen and runs the family business, Münchhausen Roastery, in the old city center. She shows us her favorite places in her home town.

Ilse Münchhausen-Prüße loves the fact that there’s so much water in Bremen, so her first recommendation is a stroll along the River Weser, on the Werder, the small island between the lesser and greater Weser, a popular recreational area. Then she takes us past the flower market to her second recommendation: Stoevesandt-Diele, a shop run by the chocolate manufacturer Hachez, which is in the picturesque Deutsches Haus on the market square. In addition to chocolates, the shop also sells Münchhausen coffee. Her third recommendation is Speicher XI, a huge old warehouse complex that is now a listed monument, which serves as an artistic, cultural and service center. There she shows us the Harbour Museum, in which the past 120 years in the history of the port of Bremen are documented.

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