Readers Split Over Republican VP-Pick Palin | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 04.11.2008
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Social Media

Readers Split Over Republican VP-Pick Palin

Readers are divided on whether John McCain's running mate Sarah Palin is qualified for the job as vice president of the United States or as commander-in-chief.

Gov. Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin: politically naive or a victim of liberal media?

The following comments reflect the views of DW-WORLD.DE readers. Not all reader comments have been published. DW-WORLD.DE reserves the right to edit for length and appropriateness of content.

I read the article on the ex-pats swinging to Obama because of Palin and I feel reassured that voters are paying attention and smart enough to avoid a disaster. As a Democrat in his 40s, I have admired McCain for years, though I won't vote for him. Yet his choice of Palin was short-sighted and clearly meant to pull Hillary supporters from Obama while still pulling in right-wing Republicans. It also showed lack of judgment for the end game -- what happens of she was really called to duty? -- Steve Lutter, US

I am an Independent who leans a bit to the right. I really like John McCain, but I feel that his choice in Gov. Palin as VP was an irresponsible ploy to gain more votes. Palin has shown during this campaign that she is way out of her league. I will be voting for Obama/Biden. -- Dan, US

Gov. Palin is a woman who graduated from a state university and not one of the elitist eastern Ivy League schools. She has raised a family, is married to a man who works with his hands, was a mayor and is now the governor of a state. Just like FDR. Just like Ronald Reagan. Just like Bill Clinton. You Euro-folks just loved Clinton, right? So what is the problem with Palin? And if she is unqualified, what about Obama? He was only a senator for 140 days before he launched his presidential campaign. -- Douglas Berg, US

Sarah Palin

Is Palin any less experienced than Obama, ask some readers?

It is sad how parochial many Americans have become, and how hypocritical. They dismiss the views of people outside the country ("It's OUR election!"), yet are more than willing to impose their views, their political beliefs, and their wars on "foreigners." As an American living outside the country for many years, I -- like many DW readers -- have a wider perspective that simply comes from travel and experiences. If that many in the US would do so as well, but that is sadly unlikely -- especially since so many, as does Palin, see a passport as something strange. -- Sharlene Lazin, Canada

Sarah Palin is politically naive, which is scary considering she could become commander-in-chief. -- John Metcalf, New Zealand

If you had tuned in to any of the non-biased TV stations you could have found out that Governor Palin has created more favorable opinions than any of the other three. Try listening to Fox for a change instead of all the other biased Obama stations. -- Phil Raasch, US

I was never a big McCain fan. I was a Ron Paul supporter in the Republican primaries. I was excited when (McCain) first picked Palin, a woman who gave a great speech at the convention. Then I found out she's as dumb as a box of rocks. She doesn't even know what the vice president is constitutionally supposed to do. What an embarrassment! Too bad, in a few years -- if she opens her mind -- she could be a good senator or something. I haven't voted Democratic in a presidential election since 1976, but I am voting for Obama this time. -- Martina Chappelle, US

I agree with the views that McCain's choice of VP is totally ridiculous. McCain basically made his decision based on winning the election. He knew that a lot of women were energized with Hillary Clinton's campaign and hoped that picking Palin would continue the momentum and therefore make these women change their political choice and vote Republican. He obviously was not concerned with the fact that his choice of VP is practically "one step away from the presidency," which does not auger well with the American people. Obama on the other hand could have chosen Hillary Clinton and would have won this election hands down. However, he made his choice based on who he thinks should be his right-hand man and who has the best qualifications and experience to lead the country if something happens to him. Obama deserves to win, not only because he is a proficient speaker and exceptional person, but simply because his decision was made with the best interest of his country and more importantly his countrymen. -- Giselle Taylor, Trinidad and Tobago

Sarah Palin and John McCain

McCain was short sighted in choosing Palin, says one reader

McCain would not be as close as he is in the race if it were not for Governor Palin. Sure there may be a small number who share that opinion, but far more like her. The liberal media has attacked her for every little thing since her being named. They have given both Obama and Biden passes on all of their gaffes and past relationships. Obama stated that we had 57 states instead of 50 and we barely heard anything. You can't dare ask any questions about Obama or you will be attacked. Biden has made remarks in speeches such as "during the great depression in 1929 FDR got on TV and addressed the American people." FDR wasn't president then -- Herbert Hoover was -- and televisions were not invented yet. He also stated that "jobs is a three letter word" and then proceeded to spell it to the crowd. They get passes on everything while attacking Palin for petty things. If she or McCain had said those things it would have been headline news. Those were only a few examples of countless gaffes from the two Socialists you are in love with. So mind your own business and worry about your own country. -- Al, US

I am a retired exec who takes umbrage with the negative comments regarding Palin. It is a fairly simple process to analyze data and reach a conclusion based on facts. It is my opinion that the respondents lack sufficient capacity to do their homework and are clones of the liberal media. The data speaks for itself. The sad fact about Americans these days is that they base their conclusions on perceptions, not facts. I feel sorry for their form of deductive reasoning and, for that matter, the United States in general. Obama's stand on failed abortions is infanticide. The facts are clear that he is the most liberal member of the US Senate. His program to share the wealth: Obama is a socialist/communist/Marxist who will use any measure to win the presidency and destroy the values of the USA. He is the first presidential candidate to change the US flag to his own emblem under the guise of change. -- J. Schlegel, US

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