Readers reflect on football post-World Cup | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 12.07.2010
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Social Media

Readers reflect on football post-World Cup

The World Cup may be over, but our readers are still contemplating the world-class football that they've witnessed over the past month.

Spain's Andres Iniesta, back, scores a goal past Netherlands' Rafael van der Vaart, front

Andres Iniesta (back) scored for Spain in overtime

The following comments reflect the views of DW-WORLD.DE readers. Not all reader comments have been published. DW-WORLD.DE reserves the right to edit for length and appropriateness of content.

Spanish enjoy football fiesta after victory over devastated Dutch

Congratulations to the German soccer team in achieving the third place. Thank you to all the players, coach and German football management to their effort in performing the best in World Cup 2010. -- Yandy, Indonesia

Spaniards really praised Germany for being such a fair-play team, so for us, you - Germany - are the second best. Congratulations, Germany! -- Maria, Spain

Spain lifts first World Cup, beating Netherlands

Congratulations to Spain, the 2010 FIFA World Cup winners. My original tip was Spain, but I changed my mind a few times during the event but by the final I was able to go to my original tip. My kind regards to the Netherlands for their effort in making the final and good luck to your country in the Cricket World Cup to be held in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in March and April 2011. Germany is looking forward to Euro 2012 and Brazil 2014 with the youthful team they have and just might win in 2014. You never know. I am very proud of my team, the Australian Socceroos, and apart from the poor refereeing, that by 2014 in Brazil will be clarified, we will also be in Brazil to play and party again. -- Stuart, Australia

Spain win 2010 World Cup, with Iniesta the extra-time hero

I immensely enjoyed the game between Spain and Germany, where the Germans were committed to win, and displayed good sportsmanship. Those athletes played an enjoyable event. -- Lily, US

German media celebrate World Cup performance

The German team were outstanding in their performances against Australia, England and recovered in their game with Uruguay on Saturday. They deserved the first place in the playoffs, but it was not to be! Thank you Deutsche Mannschaft for your excellent teamwork and good luck in the future! -- Gerhard, Canada

Great job to all players of the German team. Job well done! Congratulations! -- Boguslaw, US

They played an exciting game in each of their matches. -- Bill, US

Strange that it seems that most of the praise is always directed at Podolski, (who does not defend, dribble or pass with consistency and only seems to score when the game is meaningless), Khedira and Oezil. Strange that Lahm (the best defender in the World Cup) was rarely, if ever, mentioned and it seems like Mueller and Schweinsteiger didn't exist or do anything. If Mueller would not have been designated for removal by FIFA against Argentina, Germany would have beaten Spain. I can't believe that the overall refereeing was so inferior during most of the games. It's pathetic. -- Carl, US

Congratulations to the most exciting and fun-to-watch team in the 2010 World Cup! I'm very proud to be a fan of German football. Another fantastic performance that further proves Germany is the greatest soccer nation on the planet! Vielen Dank! -- Lyle, US

To my mind, the FIFA "The Winner Takes It All" policy is not correct. They should attach more praise to the top 16-8-4 world teams. Number three ought to have more attention on the part of the FIFA. It is not correct when the losers in semifinals have no motivation to compete for the bronze medal. The German team was disciplined enough to overcome its disappointment and to defeat their opponent. My congratulations from Saint Petersburg. -- Viktor, Russia

Opinion: Well done German Mannschaft!

The German soccer team gave an inspiring performance during the World Cup. For such a young team, it was most impressive. They deserve a hero's welcome home and they should be proud. Ich gratuliere! -- Suzanne, US

Third-placed Germany exits the World Cup showing its finer qualities

A marvelous game by a wonderful group of players at the World Cup. Germany should be proud. Well done. -- Jennifer, Canada

Compiled by Stuart Tiffen
Editor: Martin Kuebler

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