Readers Ponder Freedom of Speech, US Shield in Europe | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 27.03.2009
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Readers Ponder Freedom of Speech, US Shield in Europe

Readers reflected on the importance of freedom of speech when weighing in on the controversy over Jean-Marie Le Pen's Holocaust remarks. They also wrote in to discuss the US missile shield in Poland.

French far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen

French far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen continues to downplay Nazi attrocities

The following comments reflect the views of DW-WORLD.DE readers. Not all reader comments have been published. DW-WORLD.DE reserves the right to edit for length and appropriateness of content.

Just because I may not agree with Le Pen's points of view doesn't give me the right to insist that he should be banned from speaking. It is always the same thing, one ego fighting another ego. Fueling the fire, I would call it. In my mind, hanging on to the past, whatever it might be, will not make things better in the future. -- Reiner Schmitt, Australia

Le Pen should be allowed to preside over the European Parliament. It is a sad day when one cannot utter a comment or opinion about WWII. What has happened to freedom of of the Four Freedoms FDR proclaimed in his opposition to Nazi tyranny?
-- Ralph J. Milone, US

Does Poland need the US missile shield?

satellite dish, american, polish flags

The Polish government asked the US to stick to its plans to station a missile shield in Europe

I do not agree with Radoslaw Sikorski that Poland needs such nonsense. Please, President Obama, do not agree to placing those missiles in our country. We Poles are opposing this, except 'our' government... We should have a say in a referendum. --
Agathe, Canada

There is no point trying to say it is not meant to check the Russians. The missile system is to prevent another Georgia conflict. Poland has not forgotten their history: Poland gave in to Russia and disappeared from the map for 200 years and reappeared again after World War I. If the EU gives in to the Kremlin, it is a sign of weakness. -- Paul Heinila, Canada

Why does Europe need to go back to the Cold War just beacuse America's weapon industry needs to earn money? -- D. Taliga, Czech Republic

I think that my country (USA) should not try to upset the staus quo in Eastern Europe. They should not try to provoke Russia but be more cooperative with Russia. Ask Russia to join NATO! -- Frank Neal, US

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