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Readers Oppose Speed Limits on the Autobahn

Germany is world-renowned for the lack of speed limits on stretches of its famed highway system: the autobahn. Most readers would like it to stay that way.

a car on a curvy bit of autobahn

Oh, the open autobahn!

The following comments reflect the views of DW-WORLD.DE readers. Not all reader comments have been published. DW-WORLD.DE reserves the right to edit for length and appropriateness of content.

Speed limits will please the environmental movement by reducing emissions from all cars, but car lovers, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the car industry in Germany, will be upset by this decision. Also I will imagine that speed cameras on the autobahns in Bremen will start appearing, and I cannot see that being too popular with the drivers either. -- Stuart John Pearson, Australia

There is no need to put a speed limit on the autobahn. Education is what is needed to keep a driver from over-driving his/her car. That is what causes accidents, not speed. -- Alan M. Reck, US

Germany's highway safety statistics are better than that of the United States and we have a speed limit of 65 to 75 mph (105 to 121 km). I think it is wrong to have a speed limit in the country, but when approaching cities, people need to slow down for obvious reasons. In 2003, I was in Bavaria and there were enough slowdowns due to road repairs that a speed limit would have had no effect. -- David Worsham , US

I applaud Bremen's move to implement speed limits. -- Horst Reil, US

I don't approve of nationwide speed limits for Germany. The autobahn is an icon of Germany, and car enthusiasts worldwide are in awe of it. Where else can a Porsche owner test the limits of their vehicle on a highway? The autobahn is very safe and efforts must be made to keep only qualified drivers using it. Pollution can be combated with the switch to hydrogen cars. -- Brandenn Torkelson , US

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