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Reader Response: The Crux of Gibson's Crucifixion

"The Passion of the Christ" opened in Germany last week amid the same furore as it has experienced around the world. DW-WORLD readers who have seen the film sent in their reactions.


Mel Gibson's film of the last days of Christ has stirred debate around the globe.

Since I live in the United States and the movie was first released here, I have had an opportunity to see it twice. While the movie is very graphic, it is appropriate to the subject matter. It is definitely NOT anti-Semitic. But it IS a movie of faith. I believe that many will be deeply moved by the message and the humanity of Jesus that is clearly portrayed. -- Sandra Jenkins

I believe the world has gone too long believing that the murder of Christ was as clean and sanitary as is shown in many Renaissance paintings. It was a bloodbath, just as Mel Gibson has depicted it. The world at large needs to know and understand the magnitude of suffering and the price that was paid. -- Gary W. Cooper

I am in some way amused at the fear this movie has brought upon certain people but then I really don't understand. I ask how can you make a movie about the crucifixion of the Christ and not show the violence that surrounded it. "The Passion" left me with a very heavy feeling at the end of the movie, and I'm sure has the same effect for most people who have seen it, and will see it. Yes, it was quite graphic, however I can honestly say that this is one of the best biblical movies (and movies in general) of all time. --V eronica , Canada

I have just seen the movie and do not understand why people are deeming it as a "blood, guts, & gore" movie. There is blood yes but it doesn't show any internal organs or heads rolling as many other movies and television shows have. This movie is showing people the suffering this man went through to fulfill scripture. His forgiveness and love are moving. The story of the Passion has always been emotional and moving for me. The movie has shown what I always felt was true. -- Amy

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