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Each week our Arts.21 reporters scour Germany's cultural scene and present you with a selection of their best finds.

RADAR: Happy Birthday Mikis Theodorakis!

Mikis Theodorakis 90th Birthday
This melody in the cult film "Zorba the Greek" made him famous around the world. Mikis Theodorakis, the voice of Greece. Now he's celebrating his 90th birthday. His symphonies and operas are adored. Millions know the words to his songs. Even today, Mikis Theodorakis is revered in Greece. He commands great moral authority for his political engagement. Under the Greek military dictatorship, he was tortured, imprisoned and exiled. Later he returned in triumph. But his music remained authentic and political throughout. At 90, he hasn't lost a step. Mikis Theodorakis is still a public activist. A folk hero! Horonia Pola, Happy Birthday!

RADAR: Cranach 3.0

Cranach Anniversary, Wittenberg
The art of Lucas Cranach the Younger as it's never been experienced before -- sensuous and in motion. The city of Wittenberg is celebrating the 500th anniversary of Cranach's birth with dance, music, and light installations: a multimedia spectacle. Biblical themes allude to the Renaissance artist's work. In the sixteenth century, Cranach the Younger revolutionized painting, and gave a face to Luther's Reformation. Now he's arrived in the present day. Cranach reloaded!

RADAR: Sign of Hope

Ai Weiwei, Beijing Returns Passport
Ai Weiwei is China's best-known living artist. Now he finally has his freedom again. Ai Weiwei announced the news himself, online. A few days ago, he got his passport back, and he already has a visa for Germany. In 2011, Ai Weiwei disappeared for three months. He had been arrested, and wasn't allowed to leave China. His art was being celebrated abroad. But at home, it was banned from exhibition. But this year, the Chinese government suddenly shifted course. There are now several shows of the dissident artist's work in Beijing. But that's not enough for Ai Weiwei. It's rumored he may come to Berlin. His son lives here already, and Ai Weiwei's said to have a studio here. Maybe soon, he'll be creating his newest works here in Germany, for art-lovers around the world.

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