Rabbit Sandwich, Served with Broad Beans and Pears | Lamb and Game | DW | 08.03.2011
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Lamb and Game

Rabbit Sandwich, Served with Broad Beans and Pears

The Ruhr Valley has its own unique cuisine.


Chef Henri Bach of the "Résidence" in Essen cooks us a special meal.


1 slice Italian Tramezzini bread, halved

2 filets of rabbit

Oil, salt & pepper

100g spinach puree or "farce"

2 pinches of Baharat spice

(For homemade Farce: 50g turkey breast, 50g cream, 10g blanched spinach, chopped thyme, rosemary, salt, pepper)

2 pieces of aluminum foil

Roll out the slices of bread very thinly with a rolling pin. Season the rabbit filets with salt and pepper and fry them briefly in hot oil. Allow to cool. Place the ingredients for the farce in a food blender and then put through a sieve. Add two pinches of Baharat spice.

Spread the spinach farce onto the two slices of bread and roll a filet of rabbit into each one. Then wrap them in aluminum foil so that the bread melds with the meat. After one hour, remove the foil and deep fry them in peanut oil heated to 180 degrees Celsius until the bread turns golden brown. Then place them in the oven for a further six minutes on 180 degrees.

Broad Beans

200g broad beans (Borlotti beans and green beans can also be added)

50g butter

100 ml cream

Salt, pepper, nutmeg

Remove the broad beans from their pods and add to boiling salt water. Allow to boil for short time and then plunge into cold water to interrupt the cooking process. Remove the skins from the beans and sauté them in butter. Add cream and seasoning and allow the sauce to thicken.


1 ripe Williams pear

20g butter

50g sugar

splash of white wine

Pare the pear, cut it into quarters and remove the core. Caramelize the butter and the sugar, add pieces of fruit and quench with the wine. Stir until the pears are fully glazed in the sugar.

The meal is ready to be served.

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