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Quadriga - The International Talk Show from Berlin

DW's international talk show with four journalists discussing the week's top international issue.

This panel of foreign correspondents and German journalists exchanges views on key political, business and cultural topics in the exclusive Quadriga studio right next to Berlin´s Brandenburg Gate. A guaranteed exciting debate spotlighting their take on world events.

Quadriga - one topic, four views, highlighting global developments: the policies of the world's last superpower, the USA; the global financial crisis; the climate change; the war against international terrorism.

Views, analysis, opinions - forceful, competent, international. Quadriga puts the questions - experienced correspondents give the answers.The danger of global epidemics, the stony path to European unity, the debt trap in the Third World: these are Quadriga issues.

Quadriga covers everything from political, cultural and business issues to science and sport - tailored to the topic of the week.

Quadriga puts the questions - and you, the viewer, can also have your say,ask questions, join the discussion - drop us a line!