Quadriga - Terror in Turkey - Who is to blame? | All media content | DW | 15.10.2015
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Quadriga - Terror in Turkey - Who is to blame?

A bomb attack on a peace demonstration in the Turkish capital Ankara killed almost a hundred people, and has worsened the country's political crisis.

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Elections planned for November 1st will be held amid growing claims that the governing AKP party of President Erdogan shares responsibility for stoking division and chaos.

Is Turkey on the brink of civil war?

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Our guests:

Alan Posener - is an Anglo-German author and regular commentator for the Berlin based newspaper “Die Welt”. He says: Some people would like to see civil war in Turkey – Kurdish and Islamic terrorists, possibly elements of the military. In this situation, the elected and legitimate government deserves support."

Malte Lehming - is head of the Op-Ed pages at the German daily the Tagesspiegel. He says: "Turkey - and it's ruling AKP party - is fighting four wars at the same time: against Isis, the PKK, the refugees and losing its majority in the elections on November 1st. Turkey, he believes, is increasingly vulnerable to regional turmoil and risks further destabilization."

Deger Akal - is a Berlin-based freelance journalist who has worked in the Turkish capital Ankara as a correspondent for various newspapers and TV channels. She is currently an editor at DW's Turkish desk. She says:"Turkey is very unpredictable and Western support is vital."