Quadriga - Terror in Paris - Is it war? | All media content | DW | 19.11.2015
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Quadriga - Terror in Paris - Is it war?

After the devastating attacks on the French capital, the country is in mourning – and united behind President Francois Hollande. He says France is now at war and has asked other European nations for military backing.

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France is stepping up its anti-terror measures, including a state of emergency set to last at least three months and raids across the country. The aim: to hunt down the militants behind the attacks.

Meanwhile, the French air force has struck back with air strikes against Islamic State positions in Syria. That in turn has lead to more deaths, including civilian casualties. So: can military means really put a stop to the IS terror?

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Our guests:

Ulrike Guérot is a political analyst and Founder & Director of The European Democracy Lab. She has long lived in Paris and still has family there. She says: "The decisive question is, do we defend our values or our security?

Asiem el Difraoui is a german expert on islamism. He studied politics and economics in Cairo, London and Paris. He is currently living in France. He says: „The fight against the Islamic State cannot be fought by military means only”.

Alan Posener is a british born commentator for the daily newspaper “Die Welt”. He says: Of course it's war - and has been since the Fatwa against Salman Rushdie 25 years ago. Radical Islam wants to eradicate the West. And the West will not have peace until radical Islam has been eradicated.