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Quadriga - Saudi Arabia - A false friend?

For decades, Saudi Arabia has been one of the West’s key strategic partners in the Middle East. Now though there are growing doubts about the alliance.

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The Regime in Riyadh is supporting jihadist groups in a host of countries. It cracks down hard on anybody who speaks out against it. Also: the brutal Saudi intervention in Yemen is further destabilizing the region.

Is Saudi Arabia turning out to be a false friend for the West?

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Our guests:

Michael Thumann is a diplomatic correspondent for the German weekly Die Zeit. His reporting focuses on the Middle East and he recently came back from a research trip to Saudi Arabia. He believes that: “The fight against ISIS cannot be won without the support of Saudi Arabia.”

Judy Dempsey is a Senior Associate with Carnegie Europe and editor-in-chief of Strategic Europe. She says: “There is a well-worn maxim: the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Saudi Arabia fits into this context.”

Ursula Weidenfeld is a renowned business commentator, and she’s clearly concerned about what goes on inside Saudi Arabia: “Beheadings, beatings and other human rights abuses are what Riyadh uses to keep the people under control,” she says. And asks: “So is Saudia Arabia the right kind of partner in the battle against terrorism?