Quadriga - German Unity 25 - Old worries and new challenges | All media content | DW | 01.10.2015
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Quadriga - German Unity 25 - Old worries and new challenges

Reunified Germany is stronger than ever. Even the eastern Germany economy is on the up. But opinion polls still suggest that in both halves of the new republic there are reservations.

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It's two former East Germans - Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Joachim Gauck - who occupy the highest offices in the land. But the massive influx of refugees looks set to bring dramatic changes.

On the international stage Germany continues to attempt a difficult tightrope act. Playing a bigger role in international crisis management while not awakening old fears about German dominance.

25 years on from German reunification, is the country ready to take on the new challenges?

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Our guests:

Alan Posener is a German-British author and political commentator for the daily "Die Welt". He says: “Germany is still divided - politically, economically and mentally. East Germans still do not see themselves as part of the West”.

Ines Pohl is soon heading to Washington as a correspondent for DW. Until recently she was editor-in-chief of the daily "taz - die tageszeitung". She says "After 25 years of unity Germany should no longer hide in the shadow of the past and should take international responsibility, even in difficult situations."

Pascal Thibaut is Germany correspondent for Radio France International. He says: “Most French people have mixed feelings towards the unified Germany. There is both admiration and animosity.”